Backup Solution

What would you do if your business data was compromised or lost?

Computer Concepts has partnered with Midwest Data Management to provide a reliable Backup Solution for our clients. 58% of small businesses are not prepared for data loss.  60% of small businesses that lose data will shut down within six months. That’s according to info gathered by Washington, DC-based research firm Clutch.

Some key features and benefits of our Midwest Data Management Backup:

• One-step implementation with daily backups typically taking minutes to complete
• Backups monitored daily by a highly trained and experienced technician
• Able to be easily restored from the cloud/web
• TrueDelta deduplication, compression, and WAN optimization for faster backups and restores
• AES 256-bit encryption and multiple data centers around the world

Contact CCI to conduct a backup audit to ensure you have a good local and offsite backup solution in place.  Also ask us about IT Disaster Recovery Plans. 

Window 7 End Of Life

Window 7 EOL (End of Life) is scheduled to take place January 22, 2020. 

While there is still plenty of time to adjust to the upcoming Microsoft changes, we want to provide insight to those it might affect, so you can start planning and budgeting. 
EOL means that Microsoft will quit pushing security updates to the operating system. Hackers will then have a more open window going forward to exploit the Operating System programming and thus infect the computer or network.  We have experienced this several years ago when Windows XP was brought to EOL status.  

How can you prepare? Contact Computer Concepts for a systems evaluation to explore the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10 or if the machine is older the cost associated with replacement. If you have any further questions or want to schedule a systems evaluation, please contact us at 712-792-3565.

Computer Concepts of Iowa receives Award

We have been named the Best in Carroll County by the Readers for the year 2018.  This award was solely chosen by the Readers. Thanks to all the Readers for their continued support!



Scam Emails & Phone Calls

As we begin 2019, we want to remind all our clients that if you receive a phone call or email from Microsoft, Dell, Trend Micro, Norton Antivirus, or any other vendor we strongly encourage you to forward the email to or phone our staff at 712-792-3565.  

  • You can then delete the message and make sure to NEVER click on any link or attachment included.
  • We found that Microsoft is conducting some legitimate software audits to counteract software pirating. Therefore, CCI stands ready to help you properly navigate that process of lining up your license information and making sure all is completed.  
  • There are many fraudulent situations where malicious companies are trying to use legitimate vendors and/or company names to get into your computer install ransomware and steal your identity and or information.  

Solution: We recommend you never give access to your computer to anyone posing as a company. Look out for individuals stating things like “you have a virus and we are here to help” or “we need to check or renew your computer’s licensing”.  We recommend you always seek further information from one of our technicians. 


AntiVirus Renewal - Scam

Even in the event of Antivirus renewal, we have found that you may have paid for one perfectly good product that lasts a few years and suddenly the automatic renewal doubles your prices to your credit card by upgrading you to a product you don’t need. 

  • Wire Transfers providing payment over the phone in the forms of credit card or gift cards should always be scrutinized.  
  • E-mail spoofing has been consistently increasing where people are sending emails that look like they are from other people to get individuals to allow access to financials.  

Solution: CCI is recommending clients consider Multifactor Authentication for email. We will be happy to assist in properly setting this up as well as training. 

Please don’t hesitate to call or email with questions and we appreciate being Your Trusted Technology Partner. 

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