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Microsoft Tablets for Sale

Why Tablets are Our Future

You may have a desktop or a laptop already at home. You may ask yourself why is there a need for tablets? There are many reasons you may want a tablet but let's go over a few big ones first.

For one, tablets offer the best combination of low cost, light weight, and a long battery life. If you are looking for all three of these wants then the tablet is your go to. Tablets can be used for all sorts of e-mailing and web browsing activities.

Tablets are amazing for watching movies, playing games and music, reading e-books, gaining quick knowledge of what's happening from anywhere. It also can better manage your time and keep track of your to do's all in a hand held size that you can easily put in your purse.

Tablets are here to stay and will continue to transform the way we look and how we use technology in the future. For more information on Microsoft Surface tablets contact us at Computer Concepts today!

Windows Tablets - Microsoft Surface -7th Gen CPU   
Pro i5 128gb ssd 4gb $1029.00   
Pro i5 256gb ssd 8gb $1329.00       
Pro i7 256gb ssd 8gb $1629.00
Pro i7 512gb ssd 16gb $2229.00
Pro i7 1TB ssd 16gb $2735.00     
**Quotes for other specs and accessories  **6th Gen are still available-ask for pricing***

Type Cover/Keyboard $129.00 (choice of 

Surface Docking Station $189
Mini Display port adapter $21.00
Surface BOOK
I5 256gb 8gb $1720 +$200 for GPU(graphics) , 512gb $2020.00
I7 256gb 8gb dGPU $2420
I7 512gb 16gb dGPU $2820, 1TB $3320

*prices subject to change* Special order-Eta 3-5 business