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HP SB 250 G7  
Intel Core i5 CPU

$550.00 (Windows 10 Home OS)




  • 4gb ddr4 ram (can upgrade to 8gb for additional $58)
  • 500gb hard drive
  • 15.6 in Screen

HP SB 250 G7
Intel Core i5 CPU

$625.00 (Windows 10 Pro OS)




  • 8gb ddr4 ram
  • 500gb hard drive
  • 15.6 in Screen

HP ZBook 17 G5 17"
Intel Core i5 CPU





  • 8gb ddr4 ram
  • 256gb solid state hard drive
  • 17.3 in Screen
  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit OS

HP ProBook 450 g6
 Intel Core i5 CPU

$830.00 (without Touchscreen)
$870.00 (with Touchscreen)




  • 256 gb Solid State Hard drive
  • 8gb ddr4 ram (can upgrade to 16gb for +$115)
  • Bluetooth & Backlit Keyboard
  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit OS
  • 15.6 in 

Google Chrome Book
Acer Chrombook $249.00 or w/ Touchscreen $365.00

Intel Celeron CPU

  • 11.6 in screen
  • 4gb ram
  • 32gb flash hard drive
  • Chrome OS


Google Chrome Book                             Google ChromeBook- HPx360 11" 2-in-1
HP Chrome Book 11"                                     $280

Intel Celeron CPU                                        Intel Celeron CPU

  • 11.6 in screen                                    - 11.6" Touch Screen
  • 4gb ram                                            - 4gb ram
  • 16gb SolidState hard drive                  - 32gb eMMC drive
  • Chrome OS                                       - Chrome OS

Google Chrome Books
HP Chrome Book 14"


Intel Celeron CPU




  • 14 in screen
  • 4gb ram
  • 32gb flash hard drive
  • Chrome OS         

Windows Educational Laptops:
Dell Latitude 3380 Edu. 
Intel i3 2.0 CPU

$625.00 w/ 1 year Dell Warranty





  • 13.3” screen
  • 4gb memory **can upgrade to 8gb ram for additional $58
  • 128gb hybrid solid state hard drive
  • Windows 10 Pro OS


Dell Latitude 11 3190 Edu. 
Intel Pentium cpu

$590.00 w/ 1 year Dell Warranty *

  • 11.6” Touchscreen
  • 4gb memory
  • 128gb hybrid solid state hard drive
  • Windows 10 Pro OS

*Additional Dell Warranty

  • 1 Year Accidental Damage/Drop about $60.00
  • 3 Year Warranty with 3 Year Accidental Damage $330.00


  • Data Transfer fee $65, Office Software & Antivirus Additional.
  • External USB DVDRW drives $38.00
  • ChromeBook cases: 11 or 14"
  • Basic black Sleeve-$15.00
  • Stay In Carry Case $35.00 11.6” or $45.00 14”

All Special order eta 4-14 days Recommend Additional Antivirus on Windows laptops: Trend $36 per year


Why Choose Us? 

HP  Laptops Customized to your Needs
Also Carrying Student geared Laptops and Chromebooks for Bring Your Own Device initiative!

You are in need of a new computer and can't decide what type of computer you are going to buy. A laptop seems practical and here is why: Laptops and Desktop computers are now pretty comparable in how they run and their prices.

One of the best things about a laptop is that it's mobile. It can go where your business meetings take place and can store all the information you need while you are there. You can use your laptop in your office, outside on your deck, or on your couch while you watch TV.

There are a number of ways a laptop is beneficial:  If you are unsure of the screen size and want a bigger one you can always hook your laptop up to a bigger desktop monitor or TV giving you the two screen option.  Another thing to think about is how you are going to use your computer.

If you're a student, a laptop is great as you can bring it to class to take notes with and it doesn't take up as much room at home when you need it for homework or studying.  Laptops are also great for adults because you can take your laptop along on vacation, to others houses, or meetings. If you are a work from home person and will be on the computer for hours, a desktop might be more beneficial for you. If you are looking for mobility and to save space go with a laptop.

Computer Concepts offers HP and Asus brand computer laptops at a great price. Check out our laptop specs and prices below. Call us with any questions you may have. We can custome quote based on your needs and wants from other brands as well.  What we list here is what we try to have on hand.